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Simulation resources can have several different related statuses. They form the history of a simulation lifecycle. For a detailed description of all states see the statuses chapter.

Status History

To see the whole status lifecycle of a simulation check the /simulations/{id}/status/history/ API endpoint.


GET simulations/{simulation_pk}/status

Retrieve the latest, thus current simulation status.

State Name Description
created The simulation resource has been created successfully.
starting A "start" or "initialise" action request has been posted.
initialized The calculation core is ready to start the calculation.
ended The calculation has ended.
crashed The calculation has crashed. See exit codes for details
postprocessing Busy postprocessing simulation results (e.g uploading result files).
queued The simulation has been added to the queue.
finished The simulation and all postprocessing steps have completed successfully.

Ordering options

Fields that can be used to order the results

  • id: [default]: numerical identifier
  • exit_code: exit code of the simulation, See exit codes for details

see ordering for general ordering options.